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[project @ 2001-02-19 11:38:55 by sewardj]

Expand on comments re StString lifting activity
parent 0879ee32
......@@ -91,6 +91,11 @@ stmtsToInstrs stmts
ie, the Str is planted in-line, when what we really meant was to place
a _reference_ to the string there. liftStrings will lift out all such
strings in top-level data and place them at the end of the block.
This is still a rather half-baked solution -- to do the job entirely right
would mean a complete traversal of all the Stixes, but there's currently no
real need for it, and it would be slow. Also, potentially there could be
literal types other than strings which need lifting out?
liftStrings :: [StixTree] -- originals
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