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[project @ 2001-07-16 10:48:42 by rrt]

Now assume that -B passes libdir, not libexecdir
parent a99e8669
......@@ -187,11 +187,7 @@ initSysTools minusB_args
-- NB: top_dir is assumed to be in standard Unix format '/' separated
; let installed, installed_bin :: FilePath -> FilePath
#ifndef mingw32_TARGET_OS
installed_bin pgm = pgmPath (top_dir `slash` "extra-bin") pgm
installed_bin pgm = pgmPath (top_dir `slash` "bin") pgm
installed file = pgmPath top_dir file
inplace dir pgm = pgmPath (top_dir `slash` dir) pgm
......@@ -374,26 +370,8 @@ getTopDir minusbs
; case maybe_exec_dir of -- (only works on Windows;
-- returns Nothing on Unix)
Nothing -> throwDyn (InstallationError "missing -B<dir> option")
Just dir -> return (remove_suffix (unDosifyPath dir))
Just dir -> return (unDosifyPath dir)
-- In an installed tree, the ghc binary lives in $libexecdir, which
-- is normally $libdir/bin. So we strip off a /bin suffix here.
-- In a build tree, the ghc binary lives in $fptools/ghc/compiler,
-- so we strip off the /ghc/compiler suffix here too, leaving a
-- standard TOPDIR.
-- Unfortunately, getting top_dir like this and then using it to generate
-- the path on which to find binaries means that we're ignoring
-- $libexecdir anyway.
remove_suffix ghc_bin_dir -- ghc_bin_dir is in standard Unix format
| "/ghc/compiler" `isSuffixOf` ghc_bin_dir = back_two
| "/bin" `isSuffixOf` ghc_bin_dir = back_one
| otherwise = ghc_bin_dir
p1 = dropWhile (not . isSlash) (reverse ghc_bin_dir)
p2 = dropWhile (not . isSlash) (tail p1) -- head is '/'
back_two = reverse (tail p2) -- head is '/'
back_one = reverse (tail p1)
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