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[project @ 2001-11-07 18:19:49 by sof]

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* (c) The GRASP/AQUA Project, Glasgow University, 1994-
* IO / Handle support.
#ifndef __PRELIOUTILS_H__
#define __PRELIOUTILS_H__
/* PrelIOUtils.c */
extern HsBool prel_supportsTextMode();
extern HsInt prel_bufsiz();
extern HsInt prel_seek_cur();
extern HsInt prel_seek_set();
extern HsInt prel_seek_end();
extern HsInt prel_o_binary();
extern HsInt prel_setmode(HsInt fd, HsBool isBin);
extern HsInt prel_PrelHandle_write(HsInt fd, HsAddr ptr, HsInt off, HsInt sz);
extern HsInt prel_PrelHandle_read(HsInt fd, HsAddr ptr, HsInt off, HsInt sz);
extern void* prel_PrelIO_memcpy(char *dst, HsInt dst_off, const char *src, size_t sz);
/* writeError.c */
extern void writeErrString__(HsAddr msg_hdr, HsAddr msg, HsInt len);
#endif /* __PRELIOUTILS_H__ */
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