Commit 8e0fe80e authored by rrt's avatar rrt
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[project @ 2000-04-04 15:14:18 by rrt]

Added FIND as a symbol so that it can be changed on OSes which have
different ideas as to what "find" should do.
parent 3f567845
......@@ -434,6 +434,8 @@ AC_PROG_CPP
dnl ** figure out how to do context diffs
dnl ** Find find command (for Win32's benefit)
AC_PATH_PROG(FindCmd, find)
dnl ** look for a decent parser generator (bison preferred)
dnl (FPTOOLS_PROG_YACCY is AC_PROG_YACC, but with some extra testing
......@@ -557,6 +557,7 @@ CP = cp
RAWCPP = $(CPP) -undef -traditional
FIND = @FindCmd@
# Sigh - the autoconf macro for INSTALL will subst a relative path to the fallback
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