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[project @ 2001-06-05 10:09:33 by simonpj]

ghc/rts/gmp/configure hangs up altogether on this
rm command:
    rm -f mpn/${tmp_fn}.[Ssc] mpn/${tmp_fn}.asm
I added lots of print statements to show progress
(hence the more verbose output) and found, I think,
that expanding the [Ssc] fixes the problem.
parent 24b988ee
......@@ -4436,7 +4436,16 @@ for tmp_fn in ${gmp_mpn_functions} ; do
# SLPJ trace
echo "...$tmp_fn..." 1>&6
rm -f mpn/${tmp_fn}.[Ssc] mpn/${tmp_fn}.asm
# This line was
# rm -f mpn/${tmp_fn}.[Ssc] mpn/${tmp_fn}.asm
# but I found that on my NT workstation the command
# would unpredictably hang. rm wasn't an active process,
# but absolutlely nothing was happening.
# I *think* that expanding the [Ssc] cures the problem
# SLPJ May 01
rm -f mpn/${tmp_fn}.S mpn/${tmp_fn}.s mpn/${tmp_fn}.c mpn/${tmp_fn}.asm
echo "...$tmp_fn (done rm)..." 1>&6
# functions that can be provided by multi-function files
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