Commit 8f09c162 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2002-03-01 09:47:39 by simonmar]

Generalise a couple of regexps in the -monly-[23]-regs patching code.
Should fix problems with gcc 3.0.4.
parent 76ad1b30
......@@ -1304,14 +1304,14 @@ sub print_doctored {
if ($StolenX86Regs <= 2 ) { # YURGH! spurious uses of esi?
s/^\tmovl\s+(.*),\s*\%esi\n\tjmp\s+\*%esi\n/\tmovl $1,\%eax\n\tjmp \*\%eax\n/g;
s/^\tjmp\s+\*(-?\d*)\((.*\%esi.*)\)\n/\tmovl $2,\%eax\n\tjmp \*$1\(\%eax\)\n/g;
s/^\tjmp\s+\*(.*\(.*\%esi.*\))\n/\tmovl $1,\%eax\n\tjmp \*\%eax\n/g;
s/^\tjmp\s+\*\%esi\n/\tmovl \%esi,\%eax\n\tjmp \*\%eax\n/g;
die "$Pgm: (mangler) still have jump involving \%esi!\n$_"
if /(jmp|call)\s+.*\%esi/;
if ($StolenX86Regs <= 3 ) { # spurious uses of edi?
s/^\tmovl\s+(.*),\s*\%edi\n\tjmp\s+\*%edi\n/\tmovl $1,\%eax\n\tjmp \*\%eax\n/g;
s/^\tjmp\s+\*(-?\d*\(.*\%edi.*\))\n/\tmovl $1,\%eax\n\tjmp \*\%eax\n/g;
s/^\tjmp\s+\*(.*\(.*\%edi.*\))\n/\tmovl $1,\%eax\n\tjmp \*\%eax\n/g;
s/^\tjmp\s+\*\%edi\n/\tmovl \%edi,\%eax\n\tjmp \*\%eax\n/g;
die "$Pgm: (mangler) still have jump involving \%edi!\n$_"
if /(jmp|call)\s+.*\%edi/;
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