Commit 93853f4f authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Avoid a failing shell command when cleaning

It wasn't fatal, but better to avoid it anyway
parent d9a2eefd
......@@ -423,9 +423,11 @@ compiler_PACKAGE = ghc
# below.
# The ProjectPatchLevel > 20000000 iff it's a date. If it's e.g. 6.12.1
# then we don't want to remove it
ifneq "$(CLEANING)" "YES"
ifeq "$(shell [ $(ProjectPatchLevel) -gt 20000000 ] && echo YES)" "YES"
compiler_stage1_VERSION_MUNGED = YES
ifeq "$(compiler_stage1_VERSION_MUNGED)" "YES"
define compiler_PACKAGE_MAGIC
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