Commit 9484150a authored by lewie's avatar lewie
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[project @ 2001-04-12 21:20:28 by lewie]

Export a useful predicate.
parent cf9c51f6
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ module Type (
-- Predicates and the like
PredType(..), getClassPredTys_maybe, getClassPredTys,
isClassPred, isTyVarClassPred,
isPredTy, isClassPred, isTyVarClassPred,
mkDictTy, mkPredTy, mkPredTys, splitPredTy_maybe, predTyUnique,
splitDictTy, splitDictTy_maybe, isDictTy, predRepTy, splitDFunTy,
mkClassPred, predMentionsIPs, inheritablePred, isIPPred, mkPredName,
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