Commit 95c1df87 authored by simonpj's avatar simonpj
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[project @ 2001-08-20 08:17:38 by simonpj]

Fix (another) "missing instnace" bug in the renamer.
This one interacted with the interactive loop in ghci.
parent 27f289f3
......@@ -126,7 +126,19 @@ renameStmt dflags hit hst pcs scope_module this_module local_env stmt
doDump dflags [] stmt [] `thenRn_` returnRn (print_unqual, Nothing)
slurpImplicitDecls fvs local_env `thenRn` \ decls ->
-- Add implicit free vars, and close decls
getImplicitStmtFVs `thenRn` \ implicit_fvs ->
slurpImpDecls (fvs `plusFV` implicit_fvs) `thenRn` \ decls ->
-- NB: an earlier version deleted (rdrEnvElts local_env) from
-- the fvs. But (a) that isn't necessary, because previously
-- bound things in the local_env will be in the TypeEnv, and
-- the renamer doesn't re-slurp such things, and
-- (b) it's WRONG to delete them. Consider in GHCi:
-- Mod> let x = e :: T
-- Mod> let y = x + 3
-- We need to pass 'x' among the fvs to slurpImpDecls, so that
-- the latter can see that T is a gate, and hence import the Num T
-- instance decl. (See the InTypEnv case in RnIfaces.slurpSourceRefs
doDump dflags binders stmt decls `thenRn_`
returnRn (print_unqual, Just (binders, (stmt, decls)))
......@@ -171,7 +183,8 @@ renameRdrName dflags hit hst pcs scope_module this_module local_env rdr_names =
returnRn (print_unqual, Nothing)
slurpImplicitDecls (mkNameSet ok_names) local_env `thenRn` \ decls ->
slurpImpDecls (mkNameSet ok_names) `thenRn` \ decls ->
doDump dflags ok_names decls `thenRn_`
returnRn (print_unqual, Just (ok_names, decls))
......@@ -197,15 +210,6 @@ loadContextModule scope_module thing_inside
returnRn (print_unqual, Nothing)
thing_inside (rdr_env, print_unqual)
-- Add implicit free vars, and close decls
slurpImplicitDecls fvs local_env
= getImplicitStmtFVs `thenRn` \ implicit_fvs ->
filtered_fvs = fvs `delListFromNameSet` rdrEnvElts local_env
source_fvs = implicit_fvs `plusFV` filtered_fvs
slurpImpDecls source_fvs
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