Commit 95d08671 authored by stolz's avatar stolz
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[project @ 2003-05-21 16:02:42 by stolz]

Solaris2 needs _POSIX_PTHREAD_SEMANTICS for the getpw*_r() prototypes.
Make libraries/unix/Makefile use a new variable unix_SRC_HSC2HS_OPTS
which we configure in mk/
parent 9487ea87
......@@ -958,6 +958,14 @@ AC_CHECK_FUNCS(pclose _pclose )
dnl ** check for specific library functions that we are interested in
AC_CHECK_FUNCS(access ftime getclock getpagesize getrusage gettimeofday mktime mprotect readlink setitimer stat lstat symlink sysconf timelocal times vadvise vfork localtime_r gmtime_r readdir_r getgrgid_r getgrnam_r getpwuid_r getpwnam_r)
dnl ** Solaris2 needs additionl flag for getpw*_r()
case "$TargetPlatform" in
dnl ** check whether this machine has gmp3 installed
AC_CHECK_LIB(gmp, __gmpz_fdiv_qr, HaveLibGmp=YES; LibGmp=gmp,
AC_CHECK_LIB(gmp3, __gmpz_fdiv_qr, HaveLibGmp=YES; LibGmp=gmp3,
......@@ -662,6 +662,9 @@ ifeq "$(TARGETPLATFORM)" "ia64-unknown-linux"
# Solaris2 strikes again.
# GMP Library (version 2.0.x or above)
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