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[project @ 2001-03-21 15:33:47 by simonmar]

remove bits left over from STG hugs.
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WARNING: This file is an integral part of the Hugs source code. Changes to
the definitions in this file without corresponding modifications in other
parts of the program may cause the interpreter to fail unexpectedly. Under
normal circumstances, you should not attempt to modify this file in any way!
module Prelude (
-- module PreludeList,
map, (++), concat, filter,
head, last, tail, init, null, length, (!!),
foldl, foldl1, scanl, scanl1, foldr, foldr1, scanr, scanr1,
iterate, repeat, replicate, cycle,
take, drop, splitAt, takeWhile, dropWhile, span, break,
lines, words, unlines, unwords, reverse, and, or,
any, all, elem, notElem, lookup,
sum, product, maximum, minimum, concatMap,
zip, zip3, zipWith, zipWith3, unzip, unzip3,
-- module PreludeText,
ReadS, ShowS,
Read(readsPrec, readList),
Show(show, showsPrec, showList),
reads, shows, read, lex,
showChar, showString, readParen, showParen,
-- module PreludeIO,
FilePath, IOError, ioError, userError, catch,
putChar, putStr, putStrLn, print,
getChar, getLine, getContents, interact,
readFile, writeFile, appendFile, readIO, readLn,
-- module Ix,
Ix(range, index, inRange, rangeSize),
-- module Char,
isAscii, isControl, isPrint, isSpace, isUpper, isLower,
isAlpha, isDigit, isOctDigit, isHexDigit, isAlphaNum,
digitToInt, intToDigit,
toUpper, toLower,
ord, chr,
readLitChar, showLitChar, lexLitChar,
-- module Numeric
showSigned, showInt,
readSigned, readInt,
readDec, readOct, readHex, readSigned,
readFloat, lexDigits,
-- module Ratio,
Ratio, Rational, (%), numerator, denominator, approxRational,
-- Non-standard exports
IO, IOResult(..), Addr, StablePtr,
makeStablePtr, freeStablePtr, deRefStablePtr,
Bool(False, True),
Maybe(Nothing, Just),
Either(Left, Right),
Ordering(LT, EQ, GT),
Char, String, Int, Integer, Float, Double, IO,
-- List type: []((:), [])
-- Tuple types: (,), (,,), etc.
-- Trivial type: ()
-- Functions: (->)
Rec, EmptyRec, EmptyRow, -- non-standard, should only be exported if TREX
Eq((==), (/=)),
Ord(compare, (<), (<=), (>=), (>), max, min),
Enum(succ, pred, toEnum, fromEnum, enumFrom, enumFromThen,
enumFromTo, enumFromThenTo),
Bounded(minBound, maxBound),
-- Num((+), (-), (*), negate, abs, signum, fromInteger),
Num((+), (-), (*), negate, abs, signum, fromInteger, fromInt),
-- Integral(quot, rem, div, mod, quotRem, divMod, toInteger),
Integral(quot, rem, div, mod, quotRem, divMod, even, odd, toInteger, toInt),
Fractional((/), recip, fromRational, fromDouble),
Floating(pi, exp, log, sqrt, (**), logBase, sin, cos, tan,
asin, acos, atan, sinh, cosh, tanh, asinh, acosh, atanh),
RealFrac(properFraction, truncate, round, ceiling, floor),
RealFloat(floatRadix, floatDigits, floatRange, decodeFloat,
encodeFloat, exponent, significand, scaleFloat, isNaN,
isInfinite, isDenormalized, isIEEE, isNegativeZero),
Monad((>>=), (>>), return, fail),
mapM, mapM_, sequence, sequence_, (=<<),
maybe, either,
(&&), (||), not, otherwise,
subtract, even, odd, gcd, lcm, (^), (^^),
fromIntegral, realToFrac, atan2,
fst, snd, curry, uncurry, id, const, (.), flip, ($), until,
asTypeOf, error, undefined,
seq, ($!)
-- Now we have the extra (non standard) thing.
) where
import PrelPrim
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