Commit 988bfabb authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts
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Use shared lib mode -dynload deploy to build the rts and core shared libs

This is now the same as the old default. Currently we cannot embed
rpaths because they would point to the build tree. We should embed
rpaths relative to the $ORIGIN in future.
parent 527f52a7
......@@ -155,7 +155,8 @@ rts_$1_OBJS = $$(rts_$1_C_OBJS) $$(rts_$1_S_OBJS) $$(rts_$1_CMM_OBJS)
ifneq "$$(findstring dyn, $1)" ""
$$(rts_$1_LIB) : $$(rts_$1_OBJS) rts/libs.depend
$$(RM) $$@
$$(rts_dist_HC) -shared -dynamic -no-auto-link-packages `cat rts/libs.depend` $$(rts_$1_OBJS) -o $$@
$$(rts_dist_HC) -shared -dynamic -dynload deploy \
-no-auto-link-packages `cat rts/libs.depend` $$(rts_$1_OBJS) -o $$@
$$(rts_$1_LIB) : $$(rts_$1_OBJS)
$$(RM) $$@
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ $$($1_$2_$3_LIB) : $$($1_$2_$3_HS_OBJS) $$($1_$2_dyn_C_OBJS) $$($1_$2_dyn_S_OBJS
$$(RM) $$@
$$($1_$2_HC) $$($1_$2_dyn_C_OBJS) $$($1_$2_dyn_S_OBJS) $$($1_$2_$3_HS_OBJS) \
`$$($1_$2_$3_MKSTUBOBJS)` \
-shared -dynamic \
-shared -dynamic -dynload deploy \
-no-auto-link-packages $$(addprefix -package,$$($1_$2_DEPS)) \
-o $$@
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