Commit 9a73dc38 authored by rje's avatar rje
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[project @ 2002-01-26 18:02:05 by rje]

Change to declarations of info tables of the form X_ret_info to syncronise with my previous commit to HeapStackCheck.hc
parent 464f0373
/* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- /* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* $Id: StgMiscClosures.h,v 1.41 2001/12/11 02:59:17 chak Exp $ * $Id: StgMiscClosures.h,v 1.42 2002/01/26 18:02:05 rje Exp $
* *
* (c) The GHC Team, 1998-1999 * (c) The GHC Team, 1998-1999
* *
...@@ -74,10 +74,11 @@ extern DLL_IMPORT_RTS const vec_info_8 stg_ctoi_ret_V_info; ...@@ -74,10 +74,11 @@ extern DLL_IMPORT_RTS const vec_info_8 stg_ctoi_ret_V_info;
/* Used by the interpreter to return an unboxed value on the stack to /* Used by the interpreter to return an unboxed value on the stack to
compiled code. */ compiled code. */
extern DLL_IMPORT_RTS const StgInfoTable stg_gc_unbx_r1_ret_info; extern DLL_IMPORT_RTS const StgInfoTable stg_gc_unbx_r1_info;
extern DLL_IMPORT_RTS const StgInfoTable stg_gc_f1_ret_info; extern DLL_IMPORT_RTS const StgInfoTable stg_gc_f1_info;
extern DLL_IMPORT_RTS const StgInfoTable stg_gc_d1_ret_info; extern DLL_IMPORT_RTS const StgInfoTable stg_gc_d1_info;
extern DLL_IMPORT_RTS const StgInfoTable stg_gc_l1_ret_info; extern DLL_IMPORT_RTS const StgInfoTable stg_gc_l1_info;
/* this is the NIL ptr for a TSO queue (e.g. runnable queue) */ /* this is the NIL ptr for a TSO queue (e.g. runnable queue) */
#define END_TSO_QUEUE ((StgTSO *)(void*)&stg_END_TSO_QUEUE_closure) #define END_TSO_QUEUE ((StgTSO *)(void*)&stg_END_TSO_QUEUE_closure)
...@@ -253,28 +254,27 @@ EXTFUN(stg_gc_enter_7); ...@@ -253,28 +254,27 @@ EXTFUN(stg_gc_enter_7);
EXTFUN(stg_gc_enter_8); EXTFUN(stg_gc_enter_8);
EXTFUN(stg_gc_seq_1); EXTFUN(stg_gc_seq_1);
EI_(stg_gc_noregs_ret_info); EI_(stg_gc_noregs_info);
EF_(stg_gc_noregs); EF_(stg_gc_noregs);
EI_(stg_gc_unpt_r1_ret_info); EI_(stg_gc_unpt_r1_info);
EF_(stg_gc_unpt_r1); EF_(stg_gc_unpt_r1);
EI_(stg_gc_unbx_r1_ret_info); EI_(stg_gc_unbx_r1_info);
EF_(stg_gc_unbx_r1); EF_(stg_gc_unbx_r1);
EI_(stg_gc_f1_ret_info); EI_(stg_gc_f1_info);
EF_(stg_gc_f1); EF_(stg_gc_f1);
EI_(stg_gc_d1_ret_info); EI_(stg_gc_d1_info);
EF_(stg_gc_d1); EF_(stg_gc_d1);
EI_(stg_gc_l1_ret_info); EI_(stg_gc_ut_1_0_info);
EF_(stg_gc_l1); EF_(stg_gc_l1);
EF_(stg_gc_ut_1_0); EF_(stg_gc_ut_1_0);
EI_(stg_gc_ut_0_1_ret_info); EI_(stg_gc_ut_0_1_info);
EF_(stg_gc_ut_0_1); EF_(stg_gc_ut_0_1);
EXTFUN(__stg_chk_0); EXTFUN(__stg_chk_0);
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