Commit 9aa0e4b2 authored by thomie's avatar thomie
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ghc-pkg: use read/writeUTF8File from Cabal

Use writeUTF8File and readUTF8File from Distribution.Simple.Utils,
instead of our own buggy copies. Refactoring only.
parent bbf60786
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ import Distribution.ParseUtils
import Distribution.Package hiding (installedPackageId)
import Distribution.Text
import Distribution.Version
import Distribution.Simple.Utils (fromUTF8, toUTF8)
import Distribution.Simple.Utils (fromUTF8, toUTF8, writeUTF8File, readUTF8File)
import System.FilePath as FilePath
import qualified System.FilePath.Posix as FilePath.Posix
import System.Directory ( getAppUserDataDirectory, createDirectoryIfMissing,
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ import Control.Applicative (Applicative(..))
import Control.Monad
import System.Directory ( doesDirectoryExist, getDirectoryContents,
doesFileExist, renameFile, removeFile,
doesFileExist, removeFile,
getCurrentDirectory )
import System.Exit ( exitWith, ExitCode(..) )
import System.Environment ( getArgs, getProgName, getEnv )
......@@ -1056,7 +1056,7 @@ changeDBDir verbosity cmds db = do
do_cmd (AddPackage p) = do
let file = location db </> display (installedPackageId p) <.> "conf"
when (verbosity > Normal) $ infoLn ("writing " ++ file)
writeFileUtf8Atomic file (showInstalledPackageInfo p)
writeUTF8File file (showInstalledPackageInfo p)
do_cmd (ModifyPackage p) =
do_cmd (AddPackage p)
......@@ -1988,58 +1988,6 @@ catchIO = Exception.catch
tryIO :: IO a -> IO (Either Exception.IOException a)
tryIO = Exception.try
writeFileUtf8Atomic :: FilePath -> String -> IO ()
writeFileUtf8Atomic targetFile content =
withFileAtomic targetFile $ \h -> do
hSetEncoding h utf8
hPutStr h content
-- copied from Cabal's Distribution.Simple.Utils, except that we want
-- to use text files here, rather than binary files.
withFileAtomic :: FilePath -> (Handle -> IO ()) -> IO ()
withFileAtomic targetFile write_content = do
(newFile, newHandle) <- openNewFile targetDir template
do write_content newHandle
hClose newHandle
#if mingw32_HOST_OS || mingw32_TARGET_OS
renameFile newFile targetFile
-- If the targetFile exists then renameFile will fail
`catchIO` \err -> do
exists <- doesFileExist targetFile
if exists
then do removeFileSafe targetFile
-- Big fat hairy race condition
renameFile newFile targetFile
-- If the removeFile succeeds and the renameFile fails
-- then we've lost the atomic property.
else throwIOIO err
renameFile newFile targetFile
`Exception.onException` do hClose newHandle
removeFileSafe newFile
template = targetName <.> "tmp"
targetDir | null targetDir_ = "."
| otherwise = targetDir_
--TODO: remove this when takeDirectory/splitFileName is fixed
-- to always return a valid dir
(targetDir_,targetName) = splitFileName targetFile
openNewFile :: FilePath -> String -> IO (FilePath, Handle)
openNewFile dir template = do
-- this was added to System.IO in 6.12.1
-- we must use this version because the version below opens the file
-- in binary mode.
openTempFileWithDefaultPermissions dir template
readUTF8File :: FilePath -> IO String
readUTF8File file = do
h <- openFile file ReadMode
-- fix the encoding to UTF-8
hSetEncoding h utf8
hGetContents h
-- removeFileSave doesn't throw an exceptions, if the file is already deleted
removeFileSafe :: FilePath -> IO ()
removeFileSafe fn =
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