Commit 9b582344 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Fix the way configure sets the ghc_ge_* variables

parent 8b7e4e09
...@@ -715,15 +715,17 @@ if test "$WithGhc" != ""; then ...@@ -715,15 +715,17 @@ if test "$WithGhc" != ""; then
AC_SUBST(GhcMajVersion)dnl AC_SUBST(GhcMajVersion)dnl
AC_SUBST(GhcMinVersion)dnl AC_SUBST(GhcMinVersion)dnl
AC_SUBST(GhcPatchLevel)dnl AC_SUBST(GhcPatchLevel)dnl
ghc_ge_504=`if test $(GhcCanonVersion) -ge 504; then echo YES; else echo NO; fi` GhcMinVersion2=`echo "$GhcMinVersion" | sed 's/^\\(.\\)$/0\\1/'`
if test $GhcCanonVersion -ge 504; then ghc_ge_504=YES; else ghc_ge_504=NO; fi
if test $GhcCanonVersion -ge 601; then ghc_ge_601=YES; else ghc_ge_601=NO; fi
if test $GhcCanonVersion -ge 602; then ghc_ge_602=YES; else ghc_ge_602=NO; fi
if test $GhcCanonVersion -ge 603; then ghc_ge_603=YES; else ghc_ge_603=NO; fi
if test $GhcCanonVersion -ge 605; then ghc_ge_605=YES; else ghc_ge_605=NO; fi
AC_SUBST(ghc_ge_504)dnl AC_SUBST(ghc_ge_504)dnl
ghc_ge_601=`if test $(GhcCanonVersion) -ge 601; then echo YES; else echo NO; fi`
AC_SUBST(ghc_ge_601)dnl AC_SUBST(ghc_ge_601)dnl
ghc_ge_602=`if test $(GhcCanonVersion) -ge 602; then echo YES; else echo NO; fi`
AC_SUBST(ghc_ge_602)dnl AC_SUBST(ghc_ge_602)dnl
ghc_ge_603=`if test $(GhcCanonVersion) -ge 603; then echo YES; else echo NO; fi`
AC_SUBST(ghc_ge_603)dnl AC_SUBST(ghc_ge_603)dnl
ghc_ge_605=`if test $(GhcCanonVersion) -ge 605; then echo YES; else echo NO; fi`
AC_SUBST(ghc_ge_605)dnl AC_SUBST(ghc_ge_605)dnl
fi fi
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