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[project @ 2001-07-20 01:05:11 by sof]

lookupSymbol (PEi386-only): When chasing down a label in a DLL, try
removing the initial underscore (if any). I've prefixed the comment
next to the change with the label 'HACK', as I'm not sure whether
this is a name mangling operation you should always do when going
from the import library name to the DLL-bound thing.
(Julian, could you have a look?)

Fixes probs with 'foreign import'ing DLL-bound symbols.
parent ddb17caa
/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* $Id: Linker.c,v 1.51 2001/07/20 00:44:33 sof Exp $
* $Id: Linker.c,v 1.52 2001/07/20 01:05:11 sof Exp $
* (c) The GHC Team, 2000
......@@ -502,6 +502,15 @@ lookupSymbol( char *lbl )
void* sym;
for (o_dll = opened_dlls; o_dll != NULL; o_dll = o_dll->next) {
/* fprintf(stderr, "look in %s for %s\n", o_dll->name, lbl); */
if (lbl[0] == '_') {
/* HACK: if the name has an initial underscore, try stripping
it off & look that up first. I've yet to verify whether there's
a Rule that governs whether an initial '_' *should always* be
stripped off when mapping from import lib name to the DLL name.
sym = GetProcAddress(o_dll->instance, (lbl+1));
if (sym != NULL) return sym;
sym = GetProcAddress(o_dll->instance, lbl);
if (sym != NULL) return sym;
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