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[project @ 2001-07-25 09:19:41 by simonpj]

	Another long-standing infelicity!

CoreTidy was throwing away demand info on let-binders.
This meant that CorePrep would build a let (thunk) instead of
a case, even if the Id is sure to be demanded.

Easily fixed by making CoreTidy retain the demand info.

This demand-analysis stuff is having the excellent side effect
of flushing out performance bugs!
parent e16e9973
......@@ -22,10 +22,11 @@ import Var ( Id, Var )
import Id ( idType, idInfo, idName, isExportedId,
idSpecialisation, idUnique, isDataConWrapId,
mkVanillaGlobal, isLocalId, isRecordSelector,
setIdUnfolding, hasNoBinding, mkUserLocal
setIdUnfolding, hasNoBinding, mkUserLocal,
idNewDemandInfo, setIdNewDemandInfo
import IdInfo {- loads of stuff -}
import NewDemand ( isBottomingSig, topSig )
import NewDemand ( isBottomingSig, topSig, isStrictDmd )
import Name ( getOccName, nameOccName, globaliseName, setNameOcc,
localiseName, isGlobalName, setNameUnique
......@@ -617,7 +618,15 @@ tidyBndrs env vars = mapAccumL tidyBndr env vars
-- tidyBndrWithRhs is used for let binders
tidyBndrWithRhs :: TidyEnv -> (Id, CoreExpr) -> (TidyEnv, Var)
tidyBndrWithRhs env (id,rhs) = tidyId env id
tidyBndrWithRhs env (id,rhs)
= add_dmd_info (tidyId env id)
-- We add demand info for let(rec) binders, because
-- that's what tells CorePrep to generate a case instead of a thunk
add_dmd_info (env,new_id)
| isStrictDmd dmd_info = (env, setIdNewDemandInfo new_id dmd_info)
| otherwise = (env, new_id)
dmd_info = idNewDemandInfo id
tidyId :: TidyEnv -> Id -> (TidyEnv, Id)
tidyId env@(tidy_env, var_env) id
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