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[project @ 1998-03-03 04:45:06 by reid]

Added more feature tests
parent 4650a817
/* acconfig.h
Descriptive text for the C preprocessor macros that
the fptools configuration script can define.
The current version may not use all of them; autoheader copies the ones
your uses into your configuration header file templates.
The entries are in sort -df order: alphabetical, case insensitive,
ignoring punctuation (such as underscores). Although this order
can split up related entries, it makes it easier to check whether
a given entry is in the file.
Leave the following blank line there!! Autoheader needs it. */
/* The following definitions will only work on Linux.
I (ADR) make no apology for this because we SHOULD NOT
be using system based tests and I want to get this puppy running
tonight. I'm forced to define these values here because the
current system contains 2 (two) config.h files - both of
which are needed. Will someone at Glasgow please fix this mess. */
#define HostPlatform_TYPE i386_unknown_linux
#define TargetPlatform_TYPE i386_unknown_linux
#define BuildPlatform_TYPE i386_unknown_linux
#define i386_unknown_linux_HOST 1
#define i386_unknown_linux_TARGET 1
#define i386_unknown_linux_BUILD 1
#define i386_HOST_ARCH 1
#define i386_TARGET_ARCH 1
#define i386_BUILD_ARCH 1
#define linux_HOST_OS 1
#define linux_TARGET_OS 1
#define linux_BUILD_OS 1
#define unknown_HOST_VENDOR 1
#define unknown_TARGET_VENDOR 1
#define unknown_BUILD_VENDOR 1
/* Define if we're have GNU libc. */
#undef _GNU_SOURCE
/* Define if time.h or sys/time.h define the altzone variable */
/* Define to the type of the timezone variable (usually long or time_t) */
/* Define to unsigned int if <sys/types.h> doesn't define */
#undef uint
/* Define to unsigned long int if <sys/types.h> doesn't define */
#undef ulong
/* Define to unsigned long long int if <sys/types.h> doesn't define */
#undef ullong
/* Leave that blank line there!! Autoheader needs it.
If you're adding to this file, keep in mind:
The entries are in sort -df order: alphabetical, case insensitive,
ignoring punctuation (such as underscores). */
/* autoheader doesn't grok AC_CHECK_LIB_NOWARN so we have to add them
manually. */
# $Id: aclocal.m4,v 1.18 1998/02/12 22:25:13 sof Exp $
# $Id: aclocal.m4,v 1.19 1998/03/03 04:45:07 reid Exp $
# Extra autoconf macros for the Glasgow fptools
# Are we running under the GNU libc? Need -D_GNU_SOURCE to get
# caddr_t and such.
[AC_CACHE_CHECK([GNU libc], ac_cv_gnu_libc,
[#include <features.h>
#ifdef __GLIBC__
], ac_cv_gnu_libc=yes, ac_cv_gnu_libc=no)])
if test "$ac_cv_gnu_libc" = yes; then
# Has timezone the type time_t or long (HP-UX 10.20 apparently
# has `long'..)
......@@ -450,6 +450,16 @@ AC_TYPE_TIMEZONE
dnl do we have altzone?
dnl do we have the GNU libc?
dnl define uint, ulong and ullong if not already defined
AC_CHECK_TYPE(uint,unsigned int)
AC_CHECK_TYPE(ulong,unsigned long)
AC_CHECK_TYPE(ullong,unsigned long long)
dnl ** check for specific library functions that we are interested in
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