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[project @ 2004-09-01 09:43:25 by simonmar]

Catch exit(127) result from raw system, and report that we couldn't
execute the program.  This is a semi-hack; all exec() errors get
reported as exit(127) by rawSystem, but if we treat it just like a
program that does exit(127) then the user sees no output.
parent d1f512dc
......@@ -741,9 +741,18 @@ runSomething phase_name pgm args = do
let real_args = filter notNull (map showOpt args)
traceCmd phase_name (unwords (pgm:real_args)) $ do
exit_code <- rawSystem pgm real_args
if (exit_code /= ExitSuccess)
then throwDyn (PhaseFailed phase_name exit_code)
else return ()
case exit_code of
ExitSuccess ->
return ()
-- rawSystem returns (ExitFailure 127) if the exec failed for any
-- reason (eg. the program doesn't exist). This is the only clue
-- we have, but we need to report something to the user because in
-- the case of a missing program there will otherwise be no output
-- at all.
ExitFailure 127 ->
throwDyn (InstallationError ("could not execute: " ++ pgm))
ExitFailure _other ->
throwDyn (PhaseFailed phase_name exit_code)
traceCmd :: String -> String -> IO () -> IO ()
-- a) trace the command (at two levels of verbosity)
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