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[project @ 2001-10-30 19:01:43 by rrt]

Made db2pdf use jadetex|dvips|ps2pfd, not pdfjadetex. Two benefits:

  1. Smaller PDF files.
  2. jadetex is a little less exotic, and more likely to be on a given

The actual motivation is only knowing of a working version of jadetex
for Windows and not of pdfjadetex (at least, not one that works on the
gargantuan tome that is the combined User's Guide and Libraries
parent e9ad5510
......@@ -33,15 +33,18 @@ fi
$JADE -t tex -d ${DB_STYLESHEET}\#print -o ${output}.tex -c $DOCBOOK_CATALOG $1
pdfjadetex ${output}
jadetex ${output}
# See if running pdfjadetex twice cures the problem.
# See if running jadetex twice cures the problem.
if egrep '^LaTeX Warning: There were undefined references.$' ${TMPFN}.log >/dev/null 2>&1
pdfjadetex ${output}
pdfjadetex ${output}
jadetex ${output}
jadetex ${output}
dvips ${output}.dvi ${output}.ps
ps2pdf ${output}.ps ${output}.pdf
# clean out
rm -f ${output}.log
rm -f ${output}.aux
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