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Document no deriving for existentials
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% $Id: glasgow_exts.vsgml,v 1.18 1999/11/01 16:06:34 simonpj Exp $
% $Id: glasgow_exts.vsgml,v 1.19 1999/11/12 12:51:50 simonpj Exp $
% GHC Language Extensions.
......@@ -1516,6 +1516,25 @@ because the <tt>data</tt> version does carry an implementation cost,
but single-field existentially quantified constructors aren't much
use. So the simple restriction (no existential stuff on <tt>newtype</tt>)
stands, unless there are convincing reasons to change it.
<item> You can't use <tt>deriving</tt> to define instances of a
data type with existentially quantified data constructors.
Reason: in most cases it would not make sense. For example:#
data T = forall a. MkT [a] deriving( Eq )
To derive <tt>Eq</tt> in the standard way we would need to have equality
between the single component of two <tt>MkT</tt> constructors:
instance Eq T where
(MkT a) == (MkT b) = ???
But <tt>a</tt> and <tt>b</tt> have distinct types, and so can't be compared.
It's just about possible to imagine examples in which the derived instance
would make sense, but it seems altogether simpler simply to prohibit such
declarations. Define your own instances!
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