Commit b1a806e7 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2002-07-02 13:50:56 by simonmar]

Install SGML docs in the right places:

	$(datadir)/html for HTML docs
	$(datedir)      for everything else

(our main HTML documentation tree will live in $(datadir)/html now).
parent a4efb8a5
......@@ -801,10 +801,13 @@ ifneq "$(INSTALL_SGML_DOC)" ""
ifneq "$(SGMLDocWays)" ""
install-docs:: $(foreach i,$(SGMLDocWays),$(INSTALL_SGML_DOC).$i)
@$(INSTALL_DIR) $(datadir)
for i in $(SGMLDocWays); do \
@for i in $(SGMLDocWays); do \
if [ $$i = "html" ]; then \
$(CP) -r $(INSTALL_SGML_DOC) $(datadir); \
$(INSTALL_DIR) $(datadir)/html; \
echo $(CP) -r $(INSTALL_SGML_DOC) $(datadir)/html; \
$(CP) -r $(INSTALL_SGML_DOC) $(datadir)/html; \
else \
echo $(INSTALL_DATA) $(INSTALL_OPTS) $(INSTALL_SGML_DOC).$$i $(datadir); \
fi \
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