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Comments only: Trac #14511

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......@@ -415,6 +415,16 @@ But there are wrinkles
cases like Trac #5658. This is implemented in sepBindsByJoinPoint;
if is_case is False we dump all floating cases right here.
* Trac #14511 is another example of why we want to restrict float-in
of case-expressions. Consider
case indexArray# a n of (# r #) -> writeArray# ma i (f r)
Now, floating that indexing operation into the (f r) thunk will
not create any new thunks, but it will keep the array 'a' alive
for much longer than the programmer expected.
So again, not floating a case into a let or argument seems like
the Right Thing
For @Case@, the possible drop points for the 'to_drop'
bindings are:
(a) inside the scrutinee
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