Commit b7aa1a08 authored by's avatar

Implement the PushC rule when optimising casts

parent e97df85e
......@@ -942,14 +942,19 @@ simplCast env body co0 cont0
add_coerce co (s1s2, _t1t2) (ApplyTo dup (Type arg_ty) arg_se cont)
-- (f |> g) ty ---> (f ty) |> (g @ ty)
-- This implements the PushT rule from the paper
-- This implements the PushT and PushC rules from the paper
| Just (tyvar,_) <- splitForAllTy_maybe s1s2
, not (isCoVar tyvar)
= ApplyTo dup (Type ty') (zapSubstEnv env) (addCoerce (mkInstCoercion co ty') cont)
= let
(new_arg_ty, new_cast)
| isCoVar tyvar = (new_arg_co, mkCselRCoercion co) -- PushC rule
| otherwise = (ty', mkInstCoercion co ty') -- PushT rule
ApplyTo dup (Type new_arg_ty) (zapSubstEnv env) (addCoerce new_cast cont)
ty' = substTy (arg_se `setInScope` env) arg_ty
-- ToDo: the PushC rule is not implemented at all
new_arg_co = mkCsel1Coercion co `mkTransCoercion`
ty' `mkTransCoercion`
mkSymCoercion (mkCsel2Coercion co)
add_coerce co (s1s2, _t1t2) (ApplyTo dup arg arg_se cont)
| not (isTypeArg arg) -- This implements the Push rule from the paper
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