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<indexterm><primary><option>-g</option></primary><secondary>RTS option</secondary></indexterm>
<para>&lsqb;Default: 1&rsqb; &lsqb;new in GHC 6.10&rsqb; Set the number
of threads to use for garbage collection. This option is
only accepted when the program was linked with the
<option>-threaded</option> option; see <xref
linkend="options-linker" />.</para>
<para>The garbage collector is able to work in parallel when
given more than one OS thread. Experiments have shown
that this usually results in a performance improvement
given 3 cores or more; with 2 cores it may or may not be
beneficial, depending on the workload. Bigger heaps work
better with parallel GC, so set your <option>-H</option>
value high (3 or more times the maximum residency). Look
at the timing stats with <option>+RTS -s</option> to
see whether you're getting any benefit from parallel GC or
not. If you find parallel GC is
significantly <emphasis>slower</emphasis> (in elapsed
time) than sequential GC, please report it as a
<para>This value is set automatically when the
<option>-N</option> option is used, so the only reason to
use <option>-g</option> would be if you wanted to use a
different number of threads for GC than for execution.
For example, if your program is strictly single-threaded
but you still want to benefit from parallel GC, then it
might make sense to use <option>-g</option> rather than
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