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Fix Trac #2321: bug in SAT

  This is a fairly substantial rewrite of the Static Argument Transformatoin,
  done by Max Bolingbroke and reviewed and modified by Simon PJ.
  * Fix a subtle scoping problem; see Note [Binder type capture]
  * Redo the analysis to use environments
  * Run gentle simlification just before the transformation
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......@@ -849,7 +849,7 @@ getCoreToDo dflags
liberate_case = dopt Opt_LiberateCase dflags
rule_check = ruleCheck dflags
vectorisation = dopt Opt_Vectorise dflags
-- static_args = dopt Opt_StaticArgumentTransformation dflags
static_args = dopt Opt_StaticArgumentTransformation dflags
maybe_rule_check phase = runMaybe rule_check (CoreDoRuleCheck phase)
......@@ -903,8 +903,7 @@ getCoreToDo dflags
-- may expose extra opportunities to float things outwards. However, to fix
-- up the output of the transformation we need at do at least one simplify
-- after this before anything else
-- runWhen static_args CoreDoStaticArgs,
-- XXX disabled, see #2321
runWhen static_args (CoreDoPasses [ simpl_gently, CoreDoStaticArgs ]),
-- initial simplify: mk specialiser happy: minimum effort please
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