Commit c4ea6c7d authored by's avatar

No CoreLint warnings if -dno-debug-output is on

The Core Lint warnings are new.  There's only one at the moment,
namely one to identify recursive INLINE things:

    [RHS of $c>>_als :: forall s_afT a_alJ b_alK.
                        Cpr001_imp.StateTrans s_afT a_alJ
                        -> Cpr001_imp.StateTrans s_afT b_alK
                        -> Cpr001_imp.StateTrans s_afT b_alK]
    INLINE binder is loop breaker: $c>>_als

This is definitely non-fatal, and typically gets unravelled after
another simplifier run anyway.  So I'm suppressing such warnings
for the testsuite, when -dno-debug-output is on.
parent 01b453a5
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ lintCoreBindings dflags _whoDunnit _binds
lintCoreBindings dflags whoDunnit binds
| isEmptyBag errs
= do { showPass dflags ("Core Linted result of " ++ whoDunnit)
; unless (isEmptyBag warns) $ printDump $
; unless (isEmptyBag warns || opt_NoDebugOutput) $ printDump $
(banner "warnings" $$ displayMessageBag warns)
; return () }
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