Commit c6ce8088 authored by Jan Stolarek's avatar Jan Stolarek
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Remove unnecessary LANGUAGE pragma

parent ea584ab6
{-# LANGUAGE NoMonoLocalBinds #-}
-- Norman likes local bindings
-- If this module lives on I'd like to get rid of this extension in due course
module CmmPipeline (
-- | Converts C-- with an implicit stack and native C-- calls into
-- optimized, CPS converted and native-call-less C--. The latter
......@@ -383,4 +379,3 @@ dumpWith dflags flag txt g = do
dumpIfSet_dyn dflags flag txt (ppr g)
when (not (dopt flag dflags)) $
dumpIfSet_dyn dflags Opt_D_dump_cmm txt (ppr g)
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