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[project @ 1996-11-15 17:29:21 by sof]

Documented width restriction when generating eps files
parent 892dcb9e
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ Usage(str)
printf("usage: %s -b -d -ef -g -i -p -mn -p -s -tf -y [file[.hp]]\n", programname);
printf("where -b use large title box\n");
printf(" -d sort by standard deviation\n");
printf(" -ef[in|mm|pt] produce Encapsulated PostScript f units wide\n");
printf(" -ef[in|mm|pt] produce Encapsulated PostScript f units wide (f > 2 inches)\n");
printf(" -g produce output suitable for GHOSTSCRIPT previever\n");
printf(" -i[+|-] sort by identifier string (-i+ gives greatest on top) \n");
printf(" -mn print maximum of n bands (default & max 20)\n");
......@@ -74,6 +74,8 @@ The resulting \*(PS file conforms to the
(EPS) convention, and it can be included in a LaTeX document using Rokicki's
dvi-to-\*(PS converter
.B dvips.
.B hp2ps
requires the width to exceed 2 inches.
.IP "\fB\-g\fP"
Create output suitable for the
.B gs
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