Commit d2cd150e authored by sheaf's avatar sheaf Committed by Ben Gamari

plugins: search for .a files if necessary

on windows, plugins are loaded via .a files,
but those paths were not being searched when loading plugins

Test Plan: ./validate

Reviewers: Phyx, bgamari

Reviewed By: Phyx

Subscribers: RyanGlScott, rwbarton, carter

GHC Trac Issues: #15700

Differential Revision:

(cherry picked from commit 70298db16c3f0ea4adb603ccb2b5e93eb9c7a556)
parent de9a8feb
......@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ with optimisations turned on, and give basically all binders an INLINE pragma.
So instead:
* For plugins that were build locally: we store the filepath and hash of the
* For plugins that were built locally: we store the filepath and hash of the
object files of the module with the `plugin` binder, and the object files of
modules that are dependencies of the plugin module and belong to the same
`UnitId` as the plugin
......@@ -165,59 +165,57 @@ One way to improve this is to either:
mkPluginUsage :: HscEnv -> ModIface -> IO [Usage]
mkPluginUsage hsc_env pluginModule
= case lookupPluginModuleWithSuggestions dflags pNm Nothing of
-- The plug is from an external package, we just look up the dylib that
-- contains the plugin
LookupFound _ pkg -> do
-- The plugin is from an external package:
-- search for the library files containing the plugin.
let searchPaths = collectLibraryPaths dflags [pkg]
libs = packageHsLibs dflags pkg
dynlibLocs = [ searchPath </> mkHsSOName platform lib
| searchPath <- searchPaths
, lib <- libs
dynlibs <- filterM doesFileExist dynlibLocs
case dynlibs of
[] -> pprPanic
("mkPluginUsage: no dylibs, tried:\n" ++ unlines dynlibLocs)
(ppr pNm)
_ -> mapM hashFile (nub dynlibs)
useDyn = WayDyn `elem` ways dflags
suffix = if useDyn then soExt platform else "a"
libLocs = [ searchPath </> "lib" ++ libLoc <.> suffix
| searchPath <- searchPaths
, libLoc <- packageHsLibs dflags pkg
-- we also try to find plugin library files by adding WayDyn way,
-- if it isn't already present (see trac #15492)
paths =
if useDyn
then libLocs
let dflags' = updateWays (addWay' WayDyn dflags)
dlibLocs = [ searchPath </> mkHsSOName platform dlibLoc
| searchPath <- searchPaths
, dlibLoc <- packageHsLibs dflags' pkg
in libLocs ++ dlibLocs
files <- filterM doesFileExist paths
case files of
[] ->
( "mkPluginUsage: missing plugin library, tried:\n"
++ unlines paths
(ppr pNm)
_ -> mapM hashFile (nub files)
_ -> do
foundM <- findPluginModule hsc_env pNm
case foundM of
-- The plugin was built locally, look up the object file containing
-- the `plugin` binder, and all object files belong to modules that are
-- transitive dependencies of the plugin that belong to the same package
-- The plugin was built locally: look up the object file containing
-- the `plugin` binder, and all object files belong to modules that are
-- transitive dependencies of the plugin that belong to the same package.
Found ml _ -> do
pluginObject <- hashFile (ml_obj_file ml)
pluginObject <- hashFile (ml_obj_file ml)
depObjects <- catMaybes <$> mapM lookupObjectFile deps
return (nub (pluginObject : depObjects))
_ -> pprPanic "mkPluginUsage: no object or dylib" (ppr pNm)
_ -> pprPanic "mkPluginUsage: no object file found" (ppr pNm)
-- plugins are shared libraries, so WayDyn should be part of the dflags in
-- order to get the correct filenames and library paths.
-- We can distinguish two scenarios:
-- 1. The dflags do not contain WayDyn, in this case we need to remove
-- all other ways and only add WayDyn. Why? Because other ways change
-- the library tags, i.e. WayProf adds `_p`, and we would end up looking
-- for a profiled plugin which might not be installed. See #15492
-- 2. The dflags do contain WayDyn, in this case we can leave the ways as
-- is, because the plugin must be compiled with the same ways as the
-- module that is currently being build, e.g., if the module is
-- build with WayDyn and WayProf, then the plugin that was used
-- would've also had to been build with WayProf (and WayDyn).
dflags1 = hsc_dflags hsc_env
dflags = if WayDyn `elem` ways dflags1
then dflags1
else updateWays (addWay' WayDyn (dflags1 {ways = []}))
dflags = hsc_dflags hsc_env
platform = targetPlatform dflags
pNm = moduleName (mi_module pluginModule)
pPkg = moduleUnitId (mi_module pluginModule)
deps = map fst (dep_mods (mi_deps pluginModule))
-- loopup object file for a plugin dependencies from the same package as the
-- the plugin
-- Lookup object file for a plugin dependency,
-- from the same package as the plugin.
lookupObjectFile nm = do
foundM <- findImportedModule hsc_env nm Nothing
case foundM of
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