Commit d421b169 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Avoid the quadratic append trap in flattenCmmAGraph

Fixes a perf problem in perf/compiler/T783
parent a874dd85
......@@ -27,7 +27,6 @@ import Compiler.Hoopl hiding (Unique, (<*>), mkFirst, mkMiddle, mkLast, mkLabel,
import DynFlags
import FastString
import ForeignCall
import Outputable
import Prelude hiding (succ)
import SMRep (ByteOff)
import UniqSupply
......@@ -70,53 +69,65 @@ flattenCmmAGraph id stmts =
CmmGraph { g_entry = id,
g_graph = GMany NothingO body NothingO }
(block, blocks) = flatten (fromOL stmts)
entry = blockJoinHead (CmmEntry id) block
body = foldr addBlock emptyBody (entry:blocks)
flatten :: [CgStmt] -> (Block CmmNode O C, [Block CmmNode C C])
flatten [] = panic "flatten []"
-- A label at the end of a function or fork: this label must not be reachable,
-- but it might be referred to from another BB that also isn't reachable.
-- Eliminating these has to be done with a dead-code analysis. For now,
-- we just make it into a well-formed block by adding a recursive jump.
flatten [CgLabel id]
= (goto_id, [blockJoinHead (CmmEntry id) goto_id] )
where goto_id = blockJoinTail emptyBlock (CmmBranch id)
-- A jump/branch: throw away all the code up to the next label, because
-- it is unreachable. Be careful to keep forks that we find on the way.
flatten (CgLast stmt : stmts)
= case dropWhile isOrdinaryStmt stmts of
[] ->
( sing, [] )
[CgLabel id] ->
( sing, [blockJoin (CmmEntry id) emptyBlock (CmmBranch id)] )
(CgLabel id : stmts) ->
( sing, blockJoinHead (CmmEntry id) block : blocks )
where (block,blocks) = flatten stmts
(CgFork fork_id stmts : ss) ->
flatten (CgFork fork_id stmts : CgLast stmt : ss)
_ -> panic "MkGraph.flatten"
sing = blockJoinTail emptyBlock stmt
flatten (s:ss) =
case s of
CgStmt stmt -> (blockCons stmt block, blocks)
CgLabel id -> (blockJoinTail emptyBlock (CmmBranch id),
blockJoinHead (CmmEntry id) block : blocks)
CgFork fork_id stmts ->
(block, blockJoinHead (CmmEntry fork_id) fork_block : fork_blocks ++ blocks)
where (fork_block, fork_blocks) = flatten (fromOL stmts)
_ -> panic "MkGraph.flatten"
where (block,blocks) = flatten ss
isOrdinaryStmt :: CgStmt -> Bool
isOrdinaryStmt (CgStmt _) = True
isOrdinaryStmt (CgLast _) = True
isOrdinaryStmt _ = False
blocks = flatten1 (fromOL stmts) (blockJoinHead (CmmEntry id) emptyBlock) []
body = foldr addBlock emptyBody blocks
-- flatten: turn a list of CgStmt into a list of Blocks. We know
-- that any code before the first label is unreachable, so just drop
-- it.
-- NB. avoid the quadratic-append trap by passing in the tail of the
-- list. This is important for Very Long Functions (e.g. in T783).
flatten :: [CgStmt] -> [Block CmmNode C C] -> [Block CmmNode C C]
flatten [] blocks = blocks
flatten (CgLabel id : stmts) blocks
= flatten1 stmts block blocks
where !block = blockJoinHead (CmmEntry id) emptyBlock
flatten (CgFork fork_id stmts : rest) blocks
= flatten1 (fromOL stmts) (blockJoinHead (CmmEntry fork_id) emptyBlock) $
flatten rest blocks
flatten (CgLast _ : stmts) blocks = flatten stmts blocks
flatten (CgStmt _ : stmts) blocks = flatten stmts blocks
-- flatten1: we have a partial block, collect statements until the
-- next last node to make a block, then call flatten to get the rest
-- of the blocks
flatten1 :: [CgStmt] -> Block CmmNode C O
-> [Block CmmNode C C] -> [Block CmmNode C C]
-- The current block falls through to the end of a function or fork:
-- this code should not be reachable, but it may be referenced by
-- other code that is not reachable. We'll remove it later with
-- dead-code analysis, but for now we have to keep the graph
-- well-formed, so we terminate the block with a branch to the
-- beginning of the current block.
flatten1 [] block blocks
= blockJoinTail block (CmmBranch (entryLabel block)) : blocks
flatten1 (CgLast stmt : stmts) block blocks
= block' : flatten stmts blocks
where !block' = blockJoinTail block stmt
flatten1 (CgStmt stmt : stmts) block blocks
= flatten1 stmts block' blocks
where !block' = blockSnoc block stmt
flatten1 (CgFork fork_id stmts : rest) block blocks
= flatten1 (fromOL stmts) (blockJoinHead (CmmEntry fork_id) emptyBlock) $
flatten1 rest block blocks
-- a label here means that we should start a new block, and the
-- current block should fall through to the new block.
flatten1 (CgLabel id : stmts) block blocks
= blockJoinTail block (CmmBranch id) :
flatten1 stmts (blockJoinHead (CmmEntry id) emptyBlock) blocks
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