Commit d8509623 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Fix warnings in CmmBrokenBlock

parent bb3a29ba
{-# OPTIONS -w #-}
-- The above warning supression flag is a temporary kludge.
-- While working on this module you are encouraged to remove it and fix
-- any warnings in the module. See
-- for details
module CmmBrokenBlock (
......@@ -31,9 +25,7 @@ import ClosureInfo
import Maybes
import List
import Panic
import UniqSupply
import Unique
import UniqFM
-- This module takes a 'CmmBasicBlock' which might have 'CmmCall'
-- statements in it with 'CmmSafe' set and breaks it up at each such call.
......@@ -347,8 +339,10 @@ selectContinuations needed_continuations = formats
-- sort so the most votes goes *first*
-- (thus the order of x and y is reversed)
makeContinuationEntries :: [(BlockId, ContFormat)]
-> BrokenBlock -> BrokenBlock
makeContinuationEntries formats
block@(BrokenBlock ident entry stmts targets exit) =
block@(BrokenBlock ident _entry stmts targets exit) =
case lookup ident formats of
Nothing -> block
Just (ContFormat formals srt is_gc) ->
......@@ -361,8 +355,8 @@ adaptBlockToFormat :: [(BlockId, ContFormat)]
-> [BrokenBlock]
adaptBlockToFormat formats unique
block@(BrokenBlock ident entry stmts targets
exit@(FinalCall next target formals
actuals srt ret is_gc)) =
(FinalCall next target formals
actuals srt ret is_gc)) =
if format_formals == formals &&
format_srt == srt &&
format_is_gc == is_gc
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