Commit d854ef58 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2003-09-11 09:29:22 by simonmar]

The reify keywords should be valid when template haskell is turned on.
parent b960cef5
......@@ -503,9 +503,9 @@ reservedWordsFM = listToUFM $
( "forall", ITforall, bit glaExtsBit),
( "mdo", ITmdo, bit glaExtsBit),
( "reifyDecl", ITreifyDecl, bit glaExtsBit),
( "reifyType", ITreifyType, bit glaExtsBit),
( "reifyFixity",ITreifyFixity, bit glaExtsBit),
( "reifyDecl", ITreifyDecl, bit thBit),
( "reifyType", ITreifyType, bit thBit),
( "reifyFixity",ITreifyFixity, bit thBit),
( "foreign", ITforeign, bit ffiBit),
( "export", ITexport, bit ffiBit),
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