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[project @ 2002-07-09 15:57:09 by sof]

merge rev.
parent 75c431d1
......@@ -16,13 +16,17 @@ export gcc_lib=c:/ghc/ghc-5.02.2/gcc-lib
export perl_dir=c:/ghc/ghc-5.02.2
export mingw_include=c:/ghc/ghc-5.02.2/include/mingw
# Play safe
if ! [ -d bin/i386-unknown-mingw32 ] ; then
echo "Doesn't look as if I'm in the toplevel directory of a mingw tree"
echo "Usage: cd ghc-<version> ; ../distrib/prep-bin-dist-mingw"
exit 1;
echo "Removing configure script files...not needed"
rm -f config.guess config.sub configure mkdirhier
rm -f aclocal.m4 install-sh
# For reasons unknown, duplicate copies of misc file in share/
rm -rf share/
echo "rejig bin/"
mv bin/i386-unknown-mingw32/* bin/
rmdir bin/i386-unknown-mingw32
......@@ -48,14 +52,18 @@ cp ${perl_dir}/perl.exe .
cp ${perl_dir}/perl56.dll .
cp ${perl_dir}/gcc.exe .
echo "formatting documentation"
mkdir doc
mkdir doc/user-guide
cp -Rf html/* doc/user-guide/
cp pdf/set.pdf doc/
rm -rf html/
rm -rf pdf/
# For reasons unknown, duplicate copies of misc package files in share/
# (leave them be for now.)
echo "formatting documentation"
mv share doc
cp ../ghc/docs/users_guide/users_guide.pdf doc/
cp ../hslibs/doc/hslibs.pdf doc/
#mkdir doc
#mkdir doc/user-guide
#cp -Rf html/* doc/user-guide/
#cp pdf/set.pdf doc/
#rm -rf html/
#rm -rf pdf/
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