Commit da66d07a authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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remove vestiges of CCallable/CReturnable

parent 631b6f53
......@@ -2130,21 +2130,3 @@ asyncDoProczh_fast
/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
** temporary **
classes CCallable and CReturnable don't really exist, but the
compiler insists on generating dictionaries containing references
to GHC_ZcCCallable_static_info etc., so we provide dummy symbols
for these. Some C compilers can't cope with zero-length static arrays,
so we have to make these one element long.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
section "rodata" {
GHC_ZCCCallable_static_info: W_ 0;
section "rodata" {
GHC_ZCCReturnable_static_info: W_ 0;
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