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[project @ 2003-12-16 16:17:49 by simonpj]

Clarify warn-unused-bindings documention
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......@@ -940,6 +940,13 @@ f "2" = 2
<para>Report any function definitions (and local bindings)
which are unused. For top-level functions, the warning is
only given if the binding is not exported.</para>
<para>A definition is regarded as "used" if (a) it is exported, or (b) it is
mentioned in the right hand side of another definition that is used, or (c) the
function it defines begins with an underscore. The last case provides a
way to suppress unused-binding warnings selectively. </para>
<para> Notice that a variable
is reported as unused even if it appears in the right-hand side of another
unused binding. </para>
......@@ -950,8 +957,10 @@ f "2" = 2
<indexterm><primary>unused imports, warning</primary></indexterm>
<indexterm><primary>imports, unused</primary></indexterm>
<para>Report any objects that are explicitly imported but
never used.</para>
<para>Report any modules that are explicitly imported but
never used. However, the form <literal>import M()</literal> is
never reported as an unused import, because it is a useful idiom
for importing instance declarations, which are anonymous in Haskell.</para>
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