Commit dae976c8 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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add a sinking pass before stack layout (currently disabled)

parent 7930221e
......@@ -83,7 +83,14 @@ cpsTop hsc_env (CmmProc h@(TopInfo {stack_info=StackInfo {arg_space=entry_off}})
when (not (setNull noncall_pps)) $
pprTrace "Non-call proc points: " (ppr noncall_pps) $ return ()
----------- Layout the stack and manifest Sp ---------------
----------- Sink and inline assignments *before* stack layout -----------
g <- if False -- maybe enable this later
then do g <- {-# SCC "sink" #-} return (cmmSink g)
dump Opt_D_dump_cmmz_rewrite "Sink assignments" g
return g
else return g
----------- Layout the stack and manifest Sp ----------------------------
-- (also does: removeDeadAssignments, and lowerSafeForeignCalls)
(g, stackmaps) <- {-# SCC "layoutStack" #-}
runUniqSM $ cmmLayoutStack dflags proc_points entry_off g
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