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Update docs for :ctags, :etags.
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......@@ -63,7 +63,8 @@ Prelude>
:show modules show the currently loaded modules
:show bindings show the current bindings made at the prompt
:tags -e|-c create tags file for Vi (-c) or Emacs (-e)
:ctags [<file>] create tags file for Vi (default: "tags")
:etags [<file>] create tags file for Emacs (defauilt: "TAGS")
:type <expr> show the type of <expr>
:kind <type> show the kind of <type>
:undef <cmd> undefine user-defined command :<cmd>
......@@ -1138,17 +1139,21 @@ Prelude> :. cmds.ghci
<literal>:tags -c|-e</literal>
<literal>:ctags</literal> <optional><replaceable>filename</replaceable></optional>
<literal>:etags</literal> <optional><replaceable>filename</replaceable></optional>
<para>Generates a &ldquo;tags&rdquo; file for either Vi-style editors
(<literal>-c</literal>) or Emacs-style editors
(<literal>-e</literal>). The file generated will be called
<filename>tags</filename> or <filename>TAGS</filename>
<para>Generates a &ldquo;tags&rdquo; file for Vi-style editors
(<literal>:ctags</literal>) or Emacs-style editors (<literal>etags</literal>). If
no filename is specified, the defaulit <filename>tags</filename> or
<filename>TAGS</filename> is
used, respectively. Tags for all the functions, constructors and
types in the currently loaded modules are created. All modules must
be interpreted for these commands to work.</para>
<para>See also <xref linkend="hasktags" />.</para>
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