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[project @ 2006-01-10 09:05:18 by simonmar]

add file argument to docs for +RTS -t
parent 86010e43
......@@ -377,13 +377,20 @@
<indexterm><primary><option>-t</option></primary><secondary>RTS option</secondary></indexterm>
<para>Write a one-line GC stats summary after running the
program. This output is in the same format as that produced
by the <option>-Rghc-timing</option> option.</para>
<para>As with <option>-s</option>, the default
<replaceable>file</replaceable> is
<filename><replaceable>program</replaceable>.stat</filename>. The
<replaceable>file</replaceable> <constant>stderr</constant>
is treated specially, with the output really being sent to
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