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[project @ 2002-04-05 09:18:25 by simonpj]

More head-healing
parent ef1d3a95
......@@ -387,7 +387,7 @@ dmdAnalRhs top_lvl sigs (id, rhs)
-- The simplifier was run just beforehand
(rhs_dmd_ty, rhs') = dmdAnal sigs (vanillaCall arity) rhs
(lazy_fv, sig_ty) = WARN( arity /= dmdTypeDepth rhs_dmd_ty, ppr id )
mkSigTy id rhs rhs_dmd_ty
mkSigTy top_lvl id rhs rhs_dmd_ty
id' = id `setIdNewStrictness` sig_ty
sigs' = extendSigEnv top_lvl sigs id sig_ty
......@@ -404,17 +404,23 @@ mkTopSigTy :: CoreExpr -> DmdType -> StrictSig
-- NB: not used for never-inline things; hence False
mkTopSigTy rhs dmd_ty = snd (mk_sig_ty False False rhs dmd_ty)
mkSigTy :: Id -> CoreExpr -> DmdType -> (DmdEnv, StrictSig)
mkSigTy id rhs dmd_ty = mk_sig_ty (isNeverActive (idInlinePragma id))
rhs dmd_ty
mkSigTy :: TopLevelFlag -> Id -> CoreExpr -> DmdType -> (DmdEnv, StrictSig)
mkSigTy top_lvl id rhs dmd_ty
= mk_sig_ty never_inline thunk_cpr_ok rhs dmd_ty
ok_to_keep_cpr_info = case idNewDemandInfo_maybe id of
Nothing -> True -- Is the case the first time round
Just dmd -> isStrictDmd dmd
never_inline = isNeverActive (idInlinePragma id)
maybe_id_dmd = idNewDemandInfo_maybe id
-- Is Nothing the first time round
| isTopLevel top_lvl = False -- Top level things don't get
-- their demandInfo set at all
| Just dmd <- maybe_id_dmd = isStrictDmd dmd
| otherwise = True -- Optimistic, first time round
-- See notes below
The ok_to_keep_cpr_info stuff [CPR-AND-STRICTNESS]
The thunk_cpr_ok stuff [CPR-AND-STRICTNESS]
If the rhs is a thunk, we usually forget the CPR info, because
it is presumably shared (else it would have been inlined, and
......@@ -455,7 +461,7 @@ have a CPR in it or not. Simple solution:
NB: strictly_demanded is never true of a top-level Id, or of a recursive Id.
The Nothing case in ok_to_keep_cpr_info [CPR-AND-STRICTNESS]
The Nothing case in thunk_cpr_ok [CPR-AND-STRICTNESS]
Demand info now has a 'Nothing' state, just like strictness info.
The analysis works from 'dangerous' towards a 'safe' state; so we
......@@ -473,7 +479,7 @@ In the first iteration we'd have no demand info for x, so assume
not-demanded; then we'd get TopRes for f's CPR info. Next iteration
we'd see that t was demanded, and so give it the CPR property, but
by now f has TopRes, so it will stay TopRes.
Instead, with the Nothing setting the first time round, we say
'yes t is demanded' the first time.
......@@ -484,7 +490,7 @@ by dmdAnalTopBind.
mk_sig_ty never_inline ok_to_keep_cpr_info rhs (DmdType fv dmds res)
mk_sig_ty never_inline thunk_cpr_ok rhs (DmdType fv dmds res)
| never_inline && not (isBotRes res)
-- Don't strictness-analyse NOINLINE things. Why not? Because
......@@ -555,7 +561,7 @@ mk_sig_ty never_inline ok_to_keep_cpr_info rhs (DmdType fv dmds res)
res' = case res of
RetCPR | ignore_cpr_info -> TopRes
other -> res
ignore_cpr_info = not (exprIsValue rhs || ok_to_keep_cpr_info)
ignore_cpr_info = not (exprIsValue rhs || thunk_cpr_ok)
The unpack strategy determines whether we'll *really* unpack the argument,
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