Commit e8f681e4 authored by simonpj's avatar simonpj
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[project @ 2003-02-04 13:06:41 by simonpj]

			External Core fix
	output implicit bindings in correct dependency order

In coreSyn/MkExternalCore, output constructor wrappers before the
other implicit bindings, because the latter may use the former.

Thanks to Tobias Gedell for this one.
parent 74775c6b
......@@ -51,23 +51,34 @@ emitExternalCore _ _
mkExternalCore :: ModGuts -> C.Module
-- The ModGuts has been tidied, but the implicit bindings have
-- not been injected, so we have to add them manually here
-- We don't include the strange data-con *workers* because they are
-- implicit in the data type declaration itself
mkExternalCore (ModGuts {mg_module=this_mod, mg_types = type_env, mg_binds = binds})
= C.Module mname tdefs vdefs
= C.Module mname tdefs (map make_vdef all_binds)
mname = make_mid this_mod
tdefs = foldr collect_tdefs [] tycons
vdefs = map make_vdef (implicit_binds ++ binds)
all_binds = implicit_con_wrappers ++ other_implicit_binds ++ binds
-- Put the constructor wrappers first, because
-- other implicit bindings (notably the fromT functions arising
-- from generics) use the constructor wrappers.
tycons = map classTyCon (typeEnvClasses type_env) ++ typeEnvTyCons type_env
-- Don't forget to include the implicit bindings!
implicit_binds = map get_defn (concatMap implicit_ids (typeEnvElts type_env))
implicit_con_wrappers = map get_defn (concatMap implicit_con_ids (typeEnvElts type_env))
other_implicit_binds = map get_defn (concatMap other_implicit_ids (typeEnvElts type_env))
implicit_con_ids :: TyThing -> [Id]
implicit_con_ids (ATyCon tc) = map dataConWrapId (tyConDataCons_maybe tc `orElse` [])
implicit_con_ids other = []
implicit_ids :: TyThing -> [Id]
-- C.f. HscTypes.mkImplicitBinds, but we do not include constructor workers
implicit_ids (ATyCon tc) = map dataConWrapId (tyConDataCons_maybe tc `orElse` [])
++ tyConSelIds tc ++ tyConGenIds tc
implicit_ids (AClass cl) = classSelIds cl
implicit_ids other = []
other_implicit_ids :: TyThing -> [Id]
other_implicit_ids (ATyCon tc) = tyConSelIds tc ++ tyConGenIds tc
other_implicit_ids (AClass cl) = classSelIds cl
other_implicit_ids other = []
get_defn :: Id -> CoreBind
get_defn id = NonRec id rhs
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