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Check for escape when unifying forall-types

This egregious omission led to Trac #1128.
parent 8ab09342
......@@ -962,17 +962,23 @@ u_tys outer nb1 orig_ty1 ty1 nb2 orig_ty2 ty2
-- Get location from monad, not from tvs1
; let tys = mkTyVarTys tvs
in_scope = mkInScopeSet (mkVarSet tvs)
subst1 = mkTvSubst in_scope (zipTyEnv tvs1 tys)
subst2 = mkTvSubst in_scope (zipTyEnv tvs2 tys)
(theta1,tau1) = tcSplitPhiTy (substTy subst1 body1)
(theta2,tau2) = tcSplitPhiTy (substTy subst2 body2)
phi1 = substTy (mkTvSubst in_scope (zipTyEnv tvs1 tys)) body1
phi2 = substTy (mkTvSubst in_scope (zipTyEnv tvs2 tys)) body2
(theta1,tau1) = tcSplitPhiTy phi1
(theta2,tau2) = tcSplitPhiTy phi2
; checkM (equalLength theta1 theta2)
; addErrCtxtM (unifyForAllCtxt tvs phi1 phi2) $ do
{ checkM (equalLength theta1 theta2)
(unifyMisMatch outer False orig_ty1 orig_ty2)
; uPreds False nb1 theta1 nb2 theta2
; uTys nb1 tau1 nb2 tau2
-- Check for escape; e.g. (forall a. a->b) ~ (forall a. a->a)
; free_tvs <- zonkTcTyVarsAndFV (varSetElems (tyVarsOfType ty1 `unionVarSet` tyVarsOfType ty2))
; ifM (any (`elemVarSet` free_tvs) tvs)
(bleatEscapedTvs free_tvs tvs tvs)
-- If both sides are inside a box, we are in a "box-meets-box"
-- situation, and we should not have a polytype at all.
-- If we get here we have two boxes, already filled with
......@@ -980,7 +986,7 @@ u_tys outer nb1 orig_ty1 ty1 nb2 orig_ty2 ty2
-- This check comes last, because the error message is
-- extremely unhelpful.
; ifM (nb1 && nb2) (notMonoType ty1)
(tvs1, body1) = tcSplitForAllTys ty1
(tvs2, body2) = tcSplitForAllTys ty2
......@@ -1536,6 +1542,16 @@ addSubCtxt sub_ctxt actual_res_ty expected_res_ty thing_inside
<+> ptext SLIT("is applied to") <+> text too_many_or_few
<+> ptext SLIT("arguments")
unifyForAllCtxt tvs phi1 phi2 env
= returnM (env2, msg)
(env', tvs') = tidyOpenTyVars env tvs -- NB: not tidyTyVarBndrs
(env1, phi1') = tidyOpenType env' phi1
(env2, phi2') = tidyOpenType env1 phi2
msg = vcat [ptext SLIT("When matching") <+> quotes (ppr (mkForAllTys tvs' phi1')),
ptext SLIT(" and") <+> quotes (ppr (mkForAllTys tvs' phi2'))]
unifyKindCtxt swapped tv1 ty2 tidy_env -- not swapped => tv1 expected, ty2 inferred
-- tv1 and ty2 are zonked already
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