Commit ecf0f1c0 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2005-06-27 08:53:03 by simonmar]

Rename :tags to :etags and :ctags.  The problem was that :tags
prevented the common abbreviation of :type, namely :t.

Also, :etags and :ctags match the *nix commands of the same name, and
this way makes it easier for them to take an optional filename
argument (which they now do).
parent 4e448ebd
......@@ -107,7 +107,8 @@ builtin_commands = [
("check", keepGoing checkModule),
("set", keepGoing setCmd),
("show", keepGoing showCmd),
("tags", keepGoing createTagsFileCmd),
("etags", keepGoing createETagsFileCmd),
("ctags", keepGoing createCTagsFileCmd),
("type", keepGoing typeOfExpr),
("kind", keepGoing kindOfType),
("unset", keepGoing unsetOptions),
......@@ -145,7 +146,8 @@ helpText =
" :show modules show the currently loaded modules\n" ++
" :show bindings show the current bindings made at the prompt\n" ++
"\n" ++
" :tags -e|-c create tags file for Vi (-c) or Emacs (-e)\n" ++
" :ctags [<file>] create tags file for Vi (default: \"tags\")\n" ++
" :etags [<file>] create tags file for Emacs (defauilt: \"TAGS\")\n" ++
" :type <expr> show the type of <expr>\n" ++
" :kind <type> show the kind of <type>\n" ++
" :undef <cmd> undefine user-defined command :<cmd>\n" ++
......@@ -744,10 +746,13 @@ shellEscape str = io (system str >> return False)
-- create tags file for currently loaded modules.
createTagsFileCmd :: String -> GHCi ()
createTagsFileCmd "-c" = ghciCreateTagsFile CTags "tags"
createTagsFileCmd "-e" = ghciCreateTagsFile ETags "TAGS"
createTagsFileCmd _ = throwDyn (CmdLineError "syntax: :tags -c|-e")
createETagsFileCmd, createCTagsFileCmd :: String -> GHCi ()
createCTagsFileCmd "" = ghciCreateTagsFile CTags "tags"
createCTagsFileCmd file = ghciCreateTagsFile CTags file
createETagsFileCmd "" = ghciCreateTagsFile ETags "TAGS"
createETagsFileCmd file = ghciCreateTagsFile ETags file
data TagsKind = ETags | CTags
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