Commit f031f894 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Add some manual dependencies, and -fforce-recomp for Constants and PrimOps

GHC's recompilation checker doesn't take into account #included files,
which is really a bug.  We work around it here by adding dependencies
and using -fforce-recomp in a couple of places.
parent 388e3356
......@@ -460,11 +460,16 @@ $(compiler_stage2_depfile) : $(includes_H_CONFIG) $(includes_H_PLATFORM) $(inclu
$(compiler_stage3_depfile) : $(includes_H_CONFIG) $(includes_H_PLATFORM) $(includes_GHCCONSTANTS) $(includes_DERIVEDCONSTANTS) $(PRIMOP_BITS)
# Every Constants.o object file depends on includes/GHCConstants.h:
$(eval $(call compiler-hs-dependency,Constants,$(includes_GHCCONSTANTS)))
$(eval $(call compiler-hs-dependency,Constants,$(includes_GHCCONSTANTS) includes/HaskellConstants.hs))
# Every PrimOp.o object file depends on $(PRIMOP_BITS):
$(eval $(call compiler-hs-dependency,PrimOp,$(PRIMOP_BITS)))
# GHC itself doesn't know about the above dependencies, so we have to
# switch off the recompilation checker for those modules:
compiler/prelude/PrimOps_HC_OPTS += -fforce-recomp
compiler/main/Constants_HC_OPTS += -fforce-recomp
# Note [munge-stage1-package-config]
# Strip the date/patchlevel from the version of stage1. See Note
# [fiddle-stage1-version] above.
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