Commit f199a843 authored by Simon Jakobi's avatar Simon Jakobi Committed by Marge Bot

Check.hs: Fix a few typos

parent 7b213b8d
......@@ -335,8 +335,8 @@ checkSingle' locn var p = do
fam_insts <- liftD dsGetFamInstEnvs
clause <- liftD $ translatePat fam_insts p
missing <- mkInitialUncovered [var]
tracePm "checkSingle: missing" (vcat (map pprValVecDebug missing))
-- no guards
tracePm "checkSingle': missing" (vcat (map pprValVecDebug missing))
-- no guards
PartialResult prov cs us ds <- runMany (pmcheckI clause []) missing
let us' = UncoveredPatterns us
return $ case (cs,ds) of
......@@ -403,12 +403,12 @@ checkMatches' vars matches
, [LMatch GhcTc (LHsExpr GhcTc)])
go [] missing = return (mempty, [], missing, [])
go (m:ms) missing = do
tracePm "checMatches': go" (ppr m $$ ppr missing)
tracePm "checkMatches': go" (ppr m $$ ppr missing)
fam_insts <- liftD dsGetFamInstEnvs
(clause, guards) <- liftD $ translateMatch fam_insts m
r@(PartialResult prov cs missing' ds)
<- runMany (pmcheckI clause guards) missing
tracePm "checMatches': go: res" (ppr r)
tracePm "checkMatches': go: res" (ppr r)
(ms_prov, rs, final_u, is) <- go ms missing'
let final_prov = prov `mappend` ms_prov
return $ case (cs, ds) of
......@@ -421,7 +421,7 @@ checkMatches' vars matches
hsLMatchToLPats :: LMatch id body -> Located [LPat id]
hsLMatchToLPats (dL->L l (Match { m_pats = pats })) = cL l pats
hsLMatchToLPats _ = panic "checMatches'"
hsLMatchToLPats _ = panic "checkMatches'"
-- | Check an empty case expression. Since there are no clauses to process, we
-- only compute the uncovered set. See Note [Checking EmptyCase Expressions]
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