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More on linear implicit params
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......@@ -918,12 +918,14 @@ written '<literal>%x</literal>' instead of '<literal>?x</literal>'.
For example:
import GHC.Exts( Splittable )
data NameSupply = ...
splitNS :: NameSupply -> (NameSupply, NameSupply)
newName :: NameSupply -> Name
instance PrelSplit.Splittable NameSupply where
instance Splittable NameSupply where
split = splitNS
......@@ -954,7 +956,7 @@ the parameter explicit:
Notice the call to 'split' introduced by the type checker.
How did it know to use 'splitNS'? Because what it really did
was to introduce a call to the overloaded function 'split',
defined by
defined by the class <literal>Splittable</literal>:
class Splittable a where
split :: a -> (a,a)
......@@ -968,8 +970,8 @@ and GHC will infer
g :: (Splittable a, %ns :: a) => b -> (b,a,a)
The <literal>Splittable</literal> class is built into GHC. It's defined in <literal>PrelSplit</literal>,
and exported by <literal>GlaExts</literal>.
The <literal>Splittable</literal> class is built into GHC. It's exported by module
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