Commit f2e53b6f authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Don't rebuild things with the stage2 compiler

It leads to annoying rebuilding when working in a built tree.
We'll handle this differently for 6.10.
parent 79f8f843
......@@ -98,7 +98,6 @@ endif
stage1 : $(GCC_LIB_DEP) check-packages
$(MAKE) -C utils mostlyclean
$(MAKE) -C utils/mkdependC boot
@case '${MFLAGS}' in *-[ik]*) x_on_err=0;; *-r*[ik]*) x_on_err=0;; *) x_on_err=1;; esac; \
for i in $(SUBDIRS_BUILD); do \
......@@ -128,14 +127,8 @@ stage1 : $(GCC_LIB_DEP) check-packages
# compiler of all utils that get installed and of all extra support binaries
# includes in binary dists.
stage2 : check-packages
$(MAKE) -C utils mostlyclean
$(MAKE) -C utils stage=2
$(MAKE) -C compiler boot stage=2
$(MAKE) -C compiler stage=2
$(RM) -f libraries/ifBuildable/ifBuildable
$(MAKE) -C libraries stage=2 ifBuildable/ifBuildable
$(RM) -f libraries/installPackage/installPackage
$(MAKE) -C libraries stage=2 installPackage/installPackage
stage3 : check-packages
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