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[project @ 2001-07-19 15:32:05 by apt]

reinstate inlinings that are completely within an INLINE
parent 8fd92abe
......@@ -49,7 +49,8 @@ module SimplMonad (
#include "HsVersions.h"
import Id ( Id, mkSysLocal, idType, idUnfolding, isDataConWrapId )
import Id ( Id, mkSysLocal, idType, idUnfolding, isDataConWrapId,
isGlobalId )
import CoreSyn
import CoreUnfold ( isCompulsoryUnfolding )
import CoreUtils ( exprOkForSpeculation )
......@@ -61,7 +62,8 @@ import VarSet
import OrdList
import qualified Subst
import Subst ( Subst, mkSubst, substEnv,
InScopeSet, mkInScopeSet, substInScope
InScopeSet, mkInScopeSet, substInScope,
import Type ( Type, isUnLiftedType )
import UniqSupply ( uniqsFromSupply, uniqFromSupply, splitUniqSupply,
......@@ -629,18 +631,21 @@ setBlackList black_list m dflags env us sc
getBlackList :: SimplM BlackList
getBlackList dflags env us sc = (seBlackList env, us, sc)
noInlineBlackList :: BlackList
noInlineBlackList :: SimplM BlackList
-- Inside inlinings, black list anything that is in scope or imported.
-- except for things that must be unfolded (Compulsory)
-- and data con wrappers. The latter is a hack, like the one in
-- SimplCore.simplRules, to make wrappers inline in rule LHSs.
-- We may as well do the same here.
noInlineBlackList v = not (isCompulsoryUnfolding (idUnfolding v)) &&
not (isDataConWrapId v)
-- NB: this implementation means that even inlinings *completely within*
-- an INLINE won't happen, which is perhaps overkill.
-- An earlier verion had: (v `isInScope` subst) || not (isLocallyDefined v)
-- but it's more expensive, and it probably doesn't matter.
noInlineBlackList dflags env us sc = (blacklisted,us,sc)
where blacklisted v =
not (isCompulsoryUnfolding (idUnfolding v)) &&
not (isDataConWrapId v) &&
(v `isInScope` (seSubst env) || isGlobalId v)
-- NB: An earlier version omitted the last clause; this meant
-- that even inlinings *completely within* an INLINE didn't happen.
-- This was cheaper, and probably adequate, but produced awful code
-- for some dictionary constructions.
......@@ -429,7 +429,8 @@ simplNote InlineCall e cont
simplNote InlineMe e cont
| keep_inline cont -- Totally boring continuation
= -- Don't inline inside an INLINE expression
setBlackList noInlineBlackList (simplExpr e) `thenSmpl` \ e' ->
noInlineBlackList `thenSmpl` \ bl ->
setBlackList bl (simplExpr e) `thenSmpl` \ e' ->
rebuild (mkInlineMe e') cont
| otherwise -- Dissolve the InlineMe note if there's
......@@ -947,7 +948,8 @@ simplifyArgs is_data_con args cont_ty thing_inside
-- Even though x get's an occurrence of 'many', its RHS looks cheap,
-- and there's a good chance it'll get inlined back into C's RHS. Urgh!
= getBlackList `thenSmpl` \ old_bl ->
setBlackList noInlineBlackList $
noInlineBlackList `thenSmpl` \ ni_bl ->
setBlackList ni_bl $
go args $ \ args' ->
setBlackList old_bl $
thing_inside args'
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