Commit f7ecb11b authored by Bertram Felgenhauer's avatar Bertram Felgenhauer
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update list of C math functions

Fix via C compilation of modules that import, say, log1p from math.h (#3117)

The list is based on preprocessing Stg.h with glibc 2.6.1 headers, and
cross-checked with the ISO C 99 standard (draft).
parent 3517c53d
......@@ -525,23 +525,83 @@ isMathFun :: CLabel -> Bool
isMathFun (ForeignLabel fs _ _ _) = fs `elem` math_funs
math_funs = [
(fsLit "pow"), (fsLit "sin"), (fsLit "cos"),
(fsLit "tan"), (fsLit "sinh"), (fsLit "cosh"),
(fsLit "tanh"), (fsLit "asin"), (fsLit "acos"),
(fsLit "atan"), (fsLit "log"), (fsLit "exp"),
(fsLit "sqrt"), (fsLit "powf"), (fsLit "sinf"),
(fsLit "cosf"), (fsLit "tanf"), (fsLit "sinhf"),
(fsLit "coshf"), (fsLit "tanhf"), (fsLit "asinf"),
(fsLit "acosf"), (fsLit "atanf"), (fsLit "logf"),
(fsLit "expf"), (fsLit "sqrtf"), (fsLit "frexp"),
(fsLit "modf"), (fsLit "ilogb"), (fsLit "copysign"),
(fsLit "remainder"), (fsLit "nextafter"), (fsLit "logb"),
(fsLit "cbrt"), (fsLit "atanh"), (fsLit "asinh"),
(fsLit "acosh"), (fsLit "lgamma"),(fsLit "hypot"),
(fsLit "erfc"), (fsLit "erf"), (fsLit "trunc"),
(fsLit "round"), (fsLit "fmod"), (fsLit "floor"),
(fsLit "fabs"), (fsLit "ceil"), (fsLit "log10"),
(fsLit "ldexp"), (fsLit "atan2"), (fsLit "rint")
(fsLit "acos"), (fsLit "acosf"), (fsLit "acosh"),
(fsLit "acoshf"), (fsLit "acoshl"), (fsLit "acosl"),
(fsLit "asin"), (fsLit "asinf"), (fsLit "asinl"),
(fsLit "asinh"), (fsLit "asinhf"), (fsLit "asinhl"),
(fsLit "atan"), (fsLit "atanf"), (fsLit "atanl"),
(fsLit "atan2"), (fsLit "atan2f"), (fsLit "atan2l"),
(fsLit "atanh"), (fsLit "atanhf"), (fsLit "atanhl"),
(fsLit "cbrt"), (fsLit "cbrtf"), (fsLit "cbrtl"),
(fsLit "ceil"), (fsLit "ceilf"), (fsLit "ceill"),
(fsLit "copysign"), (fsLit "copysignf"), (fsLit "copysignl"),
(fsLit "cos"), (fsLit "cosf"), (fsLit "cosl"),
(fsLit "cosh"), (fsLit "coshf"), (fsLit "coshl"),
(fsLit "erf"), (fsLit "erff"), (fsLit "erfl"),
(fsLit "erfc"), (fsLit "erfcf"), (fsLit "erfcl"),
(fsLit "exp"), (fsLit "expf"), (fsLit "expl"),
(fsLit "exp2"), (fsLit "exp2f"), (fsLit "exp2l"),
(fsLit "expm1"), (fsLit "expm1f"), (fsLit "expm1l"),
(fsLit "fabs"), (fsLit "fabsf"), (fsLit "fabsl"),
(fsLit "fdim"), (fsLit "fdimf"), (fsLit "fdiml"),
(fsLit "floor"), (fsLit "floorf"), (fsLit "floorl"),
(fsLit "fma"), (fsLit "fmaf"), (fsLit "fmal"),
(fsLit "fmax"), (fsLit "fmaxf"), (fsLit "fmaxl"),
(fsLit "fmin"), (fsLit "fminf"), (fsLit "fminl"),
(fsLit "fmod"), (fsLit "fmodf"), (fsLit "fmodl"),
(fsLit "frexp"), (fsLit "frexpf"), (fsLit "frexpl"),
(fsLit "hypot"), (fsLit "hypotf"), (fsLit "hypotl"),
(fsLit "ilogb"), (fsLit "ilogbf"), (fsLit "ilogbl"),
(fsLit "ldexp"), (fsLit "ldexpf"), (fsLit "ldexpl"),
(fsLit "lgamma"), (fsLit "lgammaf"), (fsLit "lgammal"),
(fsLit "llrint"), (fsLit "llrintf"), (fsLit "llrintl"),
(fsLit "llround"), (fsLit "llroundf"), (fsLit "llroundl"),
(fsLit "log"), (fsLit "logf"), (fsLit "logl"),
(fsLit "log10l"), (fsLit "log10"), (fsLit "log10f"),
(fsLit "log1pl"), (fsLit "log1p"), (fsLit "log1pf"),
(fsLit "log2"), (fsLit "log2f"), (fsLit "log2l"),
(fsLit "logb"), (fsLit "logbf"), (fsLit "logbl"),
(fsLit "lrint"), (fsLit "lrintf"), (fsLit "lrintl"),
(fsLit "lround"), (fsLit "lroundf"), (fsLit "lroundl"),
(fsLit "modf"), (fsLit "modff"), (fsLit "modfl"),
(fsLit "nan"), (fsLit "nanf"), (fsLit "nanl"),
(fsLit "nearbyint"), (fsLit "nearbyintf"), (fsLit "nearbyintl"),
(fsLit "nextafter"), (fsLit "nextafterf"), (fsLit "nextafterl"),
(fsLit "nexttoward"), (fsLit "nexttowardf"), (fsLit "nexttowardl"),
(fsLit "pow"), (fsLit "powf"), (fsLit "powl"),
(fsLit "remainder"), (fsLit "remainderf"), (fsLit "remainderl"),
(fsLit "remquo"), (fsLit "remquof"), (fsLit "remquol"),
(fsLit "rint"), (fsLit "rintf"), (fsLit "rintl"),
(fsLit "round"), (fsLit "roundf"), (fsLit "roundl"),
(fsLit "scalbln"), (fsLit "scalblnf"), (fsLit "scalblnl"),
(fsLit "scalbn"), (fsLit "scalbnf"), (fsLit "scalbnl"),
(fsLit "sin"), (fsLit "sinf"), (fsLit "sinl"),
(fsLit "sinh"), (fsLit "sinhf"), (fsLit "sinhl"),
(fsLit "sqrt"), (fsLit "sqrtf"), (fsLit "sqrtl"),
(fsLit "tan"), (fsLit "tanf"), (fsLit "tanl"),
(fsLit "tanh"), (fsLit "tanhf"), (fsLit "tanhl"),
(fsLit "tgamma"), (fsLit "tgammaf"), (fsLit "tgammal"),
(fsLit "trunc"), (fsLit "truncf"), (fsLit "truncl"),
-- ISO C 99 also defines these function-like macros in math.h:
-- fpclassify, isfinite, isinf, isnormal, signbit, isgreater,
-- isgreaterequal, isless, islessequal, islessgreater, isunordered
-- additional symbols from _BSD_SOURCE
(fsLit "drem"), (fsLit "dremf"), (fsLit "dreml"),
(fsLit "finite"), (fsLit "finitef"), (fsLit "finitel"),
(fsLit "gamma"), (fsLit "gammaf"), (fsLit "gammal"),
(fsLit "isinf"), (fsLit "isinff"), (fsLit "isinfl"),
(fsLit "isnan"), (fsLit "isnanf"), (fsLit "isnanl"),
(fsLit "j0"), (fsLit "j0f"), (fsLit "j0l"),
(fsLit "j1"), (fsLit "j1f"), (fsLit "j1l"),
(fsLit "jn"), (fsLit "jnf"), (fsLit "jnl"),
(fsLit "lgamma_r"), (fsLit "lgammaf_r"), (fsLit "lgammal_r"),
(fsLit "scalb"), (fsLit "scalbf"), (fsLit "scalbl"),
(fsLit "significand"), (fsLit "significandf"), (fsLit "significandl"),
(fsLit "y0"), (fsLit "y0f"), (fsLit "y0l"),
(fsLit "y1"), (fsLit "y1f"), (fsLit "y1l"),
(fsLit "yn"), (fsLit "ynf"), (fsLit "ynl")
isMathFun _ = False
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