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[project @ 2003-09-19 09:12:22 by simonmar]

Be a bit more honest about how easy it is to port the linker.
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......@@ -4093,10 +4093,13 @@ Hello World!
<para>To support GHCi, you need to port the dynamic linker
(<filename>fptools/ghc/rts/Linker.c</filename>). The linker
currently supports the ELF and PEi386 object file formats - if
your platform uses one of these then you probably don't have
to do anything except fiddle with the
<literal>#ifdef</literal>s at the top of
<filename>Linker.c</filename> to tell it about your OS.</para>
your platform uses one of these then things will be
significantly easier. The majority of Unix platforms use the
ELF format these days. Even so, there are some
machine-specific parts of the ELF linker: for example, the
code for resolving particular relocation types is
machine-specific, so some porting of this code to your
architecture will probaly be necessary.</para>
<para>If your system uses a different object file format, then
you have to write a linker &mdash; good luck!</para>
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